Asset Management & Financial Advisory

ORDA Capital manages the assets of individuals, institutions, and mutual funds. We work with our clients to develop an optimal investment strategy and build strong portfolios that address their individual needs and goals.


Our portfolio managers provide and flawlessly execute individual solutions based on industry insights, your goals and investing mindset.

As part of our asset management services we will implement a range of strategies to:

  • Grow and protect your wealth
  • Monitor and manage of your investments

Corporate Clients

ORDA Capital is dedicated to facilitating a smooth and successful capital-raising initiative just for you.  We will work together to identify and raise the equity capital you need to take your business to the next level.

We will work with you to:

  • Identify your options for funding the growth and development of your company
  • Develop capital-raising strategies that address your immediate and long-term needs
  • Evaluate and asses the most cost-effective debt and equity solutions and their viability
  • Diversify your borrowed resources
  • Help you create strategic partnerships

Our team of experts will properly evaluate and consider the requirements, processes, and pros and cons involved to determine the best course of action for your company. We will be there with you at all stages of the process.

Our services include:

  • Independent analysis of the company, including financial performance, business infrastructure, corporate governance, etc.
  • Development of a strategy for your securities market entry
  • Preparation of the necessary financial statements
  • Helping you fulfill all the required regulatory obligations
  • Ensuring compliance with the listing procedures
  • Formulation of the financial and non-financial profiles of you company which will be presented to potential investors
  • Assistance in the preparation of the forecast memorandum